Welcome! We’re Matt & Alysha.

Welcome to West Coast Wayfarers. We’re Matt and Alysha, the creators of this site dedicated to sharing the best of the west coast.

We’re both West Coast natives – Matt from Washington, Alysha from California – and we’ve never lived anywhere else. The west coast is our home, and we want to share the best of it with you.

We met in 2014 in San Francisco, and lived there for seven years together before taking our show on the road full time, living in our Honda Odyssey (named “Homer”, who is not the sexiest campervan around, but he’s doing a great job!) and spending our days hiking, camping, and living life outside.

We’ve been all over the west coast, but we’re not always the best people to tell the story of a place. That’s why we work with local experts to bring you the insider information you need to plan the perfect trip.

We believe that there’s an endless list of new and exciting things to discover up and down the west coast, and we’re here to both share our favorites with you, and learn about new ones along our journey.

West Coast Wayfarers is the Place for You if…

You love walking. Whether it’s hiking a new trail or exploring a new neighborhood, your friends get annoyed when you say “I’m just going to walk.”

You believe that being outside your comfort zone is where the good stuff happens. You relish the opportunity to get outside your comfort zone. You’re always up for a new adventure, and are looking for new places to go, things to do, and hikes to tackle, in your own backyard and beyond. .

You believe that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone. We’re not in the business of gatekeeping our favorite places, because ultimately we believe that if everyone has access to the outdoors and has the chance to appreciate the staggering beauty that the world has to offer, the more people will want to protect that beauty. We are in the business of respecting those places, and struggle with striking a balance between the ideas of access vs. respect.

You want to spend more time outside. You want to be happier, healthier, and more in the moment by getting outside more often. Some of our best ideas come on the hiking trail!

Our favorites:

National Parks

Places to stay

  • Society Hotel (Portand)
  • CitizenM (Seattle & L.A.)
  • Hotel Indigo (L.A. and San Diego)
  • Kex Hotel (Portland)
  • The Hoxton (Portland & Los Angeles)


Hiking Trails